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  • Local Authority Skip Licence Not Required
  • Skips deliver/collect on Saturday AM, up to 12.30pm. No service on Sundays/Bank Holidays or Christmas.
  • Normal skip hire period is 2 weeks. Please call if you require the skip removing before the end of the 2 weeks.
  • Please do not include hazardous materials, tyres, gas bottles, fridges/freezers, oil drums, Mattresses, TV's or plasterboard (additional charges will apply).

Choose your Skip

Builders Skip

We can provide a range of skips to suit the needs of private householders and builders alike. Below we have identified the skips and the types of materials and applications for which they are generally used. We operate a modern skip hire operation, roll on roll off fleet of vehicles and can supply skips and containers ranging in size from 4 to 40 cubic yards. We are registered waste carriers and have licensed disposal / recycling facilities that compliment our friendly and efficient service throughout the South.

Loaded builders skips are taken to either of our recycling facilities at Guildford or Epsom depending on the location of the collection. Both of our materials recycling facilities process their own skips as well as material delivered direct by builders using their own transport or from other skip hire companies.


The skip price charged, is to dispose of the materials put in the skip. The skip container is provided free of charge for up to a maximum two weeks.

A 6yd skip is the largest skip you can use, if being filled with all inert material ( i.e. Earth, Clay, Bricks, Rubble) due to the weight.

Builders Skips Builders Skips
Roll-on/Roll-off Skips Roll on - Roll off Skips

Roll-on Roll-off Skips

When larger volumes of waste have to be disposed of then roll on roll off skips are the answer. They offer economy of scale and we offer a range of roll-on/roll-off bins from 15 to 40 cubic yards. Roll-on/roll-off skips are great for dealing with large volume low density rubbish, non-compactable material, recyclable material, dry non-hazardous waste, commercial and industrial waste, general waste, construction and demolition waste including window frames, doors and wood waste.

Our 15 cubic yards roll-on/roll-off skips are ideal for inert waste and with low sides easy to fill either manually or mechanically.